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  • Algorithmic trading

    We have introduced our first light model from our Black Box today. In coming versions will a selection of algorithmic trading system be available.
  • Stock Exchange

    Sell & Buy Manage your portfolios use our “Portfolio Market” and do your thing, see what other do in “People” in our virtual stock exchange. We support the 60 biggest stock markets today.
  • Technical Analysis

    In this version have we implemented indicator for Positive and Negative for all stock and indices, for short period and long period of time.
  • Stock Alerts

    All is set for alerts in coming versions, with creative tools and autopilots.
  • Stock Market Game

    Our stock market game is constructed to engage you in an interactive way to upgrade your knowledge and skill.
  • Technical Stock Screener

    In this version will we implement indicator for Positive and Negative for all stock and indices, for short period and long period of time.

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