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eddbee group AB is an independent fintech creator, publisher and distributor of high quality entertainment products based on reality of economics. Headquartered in Göteborg Sweden, at eddbee we create games and challenges by our own design.

Pioneering digital self-publishing, we currently build a platform for community and casual games. The platform will be powered by “Black Box” algorithms, and is the body and engine to day and for coming products that is in our product line.

Our platform is based on reality from stock markets from all over the world which gives the user a lesson in economics in a thrilling game.
Our adrenaline is fueled to start building our coming applications for our customers worldwide. We will provide a great experience whether knowledge of the stock market.

The aim is set for millions members 
eddbee platform is complimentary. We will focus to show our members the benefits from our premium membership. Prices start from 169 – 469 sek per year. Premium membership gives the user the right to participate in a global competitions with financial reward system.
Our global contest will start when we have filled upp with premium members, we hope you can handle the pressure of hundred of millions, as winner.
Platform for worldwide competitions
We provide entertainment for the large broad groups of customers globally from thirty stock markets. Our customers are both men and women, young and old. The architecture of our digital gaming platform is completed. Let the game begin! We are ready to start coding and at the same time roll out our combination plan. Marketing for our upcoming global launch of the gaming platform from mid 2018 onwards.

Platform with huge global potential
Our market is global, and the target groups are male and female, young and old. Our users are primarily here to be entertained by financial games and social meetings online. Secondary is that our users will be educated in economics by our stock games. We have good understanding in global fine tech games and gaming market, valued at 86 billion dollars in 2016. Social networks, social investments have more than 600 million user


eddbee group AB presents ceestarter.se a crowdfunding platform designed for anyone who wants to fulfill his dream of becoming independent and own his company. 50 % of the company will be owned by members just by signing up as a premium member.