Welcome to eddbee group

Business idea

We offer users a global digital platform with entertainment and social community that is in focus. Our platform makes it possible for users to challenge each other through competitions, get creative by creating portfolios and communicate with each other. Our own algorithms (computerized pilot operated automatic programs), which makes it easy to create portfolios and monitor individual stocks on 30 exchanges.

Platform with huge global potential

Our market is global, and the target audience is both male and female, young and old. Our members are primarily here to be entertained with skill games and social meetings online. The global digital skill games market (gaming) valued at 86 billion dollars in 2016. Social networks, social investments and dating more than 600 million users.

Our mission is to unite the world throw fin tech knowledge. We will help people to understand and master the economics of global stock markets throw our challenges. The platform is to provide excitement with learning so that our members will conquer the world.


The company has a good mix of experience and youthful enthusiasm. The team has experience in the development of various digital services and products to consumers. We have knowledge about stock trading, programming, marketing and social media ensures the launch of the digital platform.